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Have you been involved in a vehicle collision ?

We can help. If you feel any kind of pain in your spine, neck or lower back after a vehicle collision you should call us immediately. It is very likely that even after what may seem like a minor collision your spine may still have incurred stress. Chiropractic can help relieve that stress and prevent many more significant problems from forming down the road. Accident Chiropractic is also far more cost effective than a trip to a medical doctor or emergency room - and we take most insurance.

Our approach is simple - we will do a full assessment of the accident and how you feel - for instance, we'll go over the event as best we can, then ask you questions like from which direction you were hit from, how fast you were going, what pain did you feel during the collision. Based on that input - we will examine your spinal and skeletal sytem for stress or changes. We make take x-rays or use touch to determine the best course of action. We then put together a plan to correct any damage, relieve pain if any, and get you back to well being.

Larger collisions where pain is very real - we employ advanced pain management techniques including spinal elongation and neck traction which many have said have been extremely effective in helping them get over the pain caused by an automobile collision. Our advanced accident chiropractic techniques have helped many patients avoid surgery and other more invasive and costly treatments.