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We are a complete wellness center offering a large array of personal and integrated health, medical and rehab services for complete wellness.

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As one of the Valley's leading Chiropractic practices we are unique in that addition to state of the art Chiropractic , we also offer a full complement of wellness related medical services such as TPI, PRP, PENS, SUPARTZ, SPECTRACELL and many other services.

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Why IN Touch Wellness ?

There are quite literally hundreds of Chiropractors in Arizona so what makes us different ? For starters - our facility is quite different than the typical chiropractor office. In addition to the standard , state of the art chiropractic equipment like tables we have traction setups (biophysics), spinal decompression tables, physical therapy stations, stretching tables & apparatus, we offer extensive medical and wellness services. Our approach breaches the tradition of spinal health only and provides a comprehensive offering of diet , exercise , overall body health & wellness. From the investment in education of our staff - to our on-sight doctors you will see our approach is both unique and thorough. We even have our own digital x-ray system which allows us to treat you faster ! Call us today and take your first steps toward a pain free, healthier life.